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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Information Commissioners Office finally finds its teeth

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) was set up to protect data security, particularly with regard to the Data Protection Act. At first it was accused of being rather lame, but recently it has acted by fining a local authority and an employments services company for breaches under the provisions of the act. This article looks at the implications both for business and the data security software market.

Viewable from March 2011 on http://www.millhousedata.com/

The Clouds Are Gathering

Examining the popular phenomenon of Cloud Computing and what it means for the IT sector in the years to come.

Viewable from March 2011 on www.millhousedata.com

How to win business through social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is sometimes seen as a somewhat amateurish method of storing and sharing information, however in reality there are several advantages for businesses, including the provision of a hassle free method of drawing upon bookmarked information relatively quickly. It can also help professionals in the creative industries sector by enabling solo creative artists to market and promote their own work.

Viewable from March 2011 on www.millhousedata.com

SAP acquires encryption software from Secude

A look at the US computer security software giant SAP and its latest business deal. The article also examines the advantages of using Single Sign-on and Secure Login software as a guard against data leakage.

Viewable from March 2011 on www.millhousedata.com

Microsoft applications: Issues to be aware of

Examines a number of issues regarding Microsoft software including various problems with MS Outlook, MS Office for Mac update 14.01, compatability with AVG 2011 and potential for malware attacks on the Windows Graphics Rendering System installed into Vista, Server 2003 and XP.

Viewable from March 2011 on www.millhousedata.com

The growing global potential of IT outsourcing

This short article looks at the trends in IT outsourcing which may be increasingly in demand following the cuts made by the current coalition government.

Viewable from March 2011 on www.millhousedata.com

Demystifying File Transfer

An article exploring the various ways in which computers send large amounts of information from one destination to another, from email attachments to P2P (Peer to Peer) and the well known FTP protocol. It also looks at the various ways that FTP can be penetrated by hackers and what has been done to prevent such attacks as well as the various programming processes by which file transfer operates.

Viewable from March 2011 on www.millhousedata.com

More Computer Bods Please: The demand for IT professionals is soaring

There's a healthy demand for IT professionals right now and there is every indication that this growth area will increase in the years ahead. This article examines the growth trend in the IT sector, especially in the specific areas of retail IT support and computer security. It also looks at the disparity in IT recruitment between the genders with far more many men being employed than women.

Viewable from March 2011 on www.millhousedata.com

The Ever-Present Enemy: Microsoft's Defences Against Cyber Attack

This article was written for the website of Millhouse Data Solutions and looks at the increasing danger of cyber attack from attackers and what Microsoft is doing to guard against it. The article includes a report from last year of Chinese hackers infiltrating websites using 'Zero Day Vulnerability' attacks. It also raises the question of whether people are being too complacent when loading new software on their PC's, assuming that the new application will have security built in. Finally, the article recommends downloading Microsoft's EMET free security software as an added protection against attack.

Viewable from March 2011 on www.millhousedata.com.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Is Paganism a Political Religion?

I wrote this article for the spiritual and holistic magazine Kindred Spirit which appeared just before Christmas. I was inspired by Brendan Cathbad Myers book Dangerous Religion when I thought of the article topic and in its production I interviewed such notable figures as Emma Restall-Orr, Professor Ronald Hutton and King Arthur Uther Pendragon, all key and greatly respected characters in the British Pagan scene. The article asks whether Pagan religious traditions are inherently political, given their close attachment with the earth and nature.