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Monday, 19 March 2012

Transform UK Report Is a Devastating Indictment of Green Deal

Transform UK is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which was established in 2009 to investigate ways in which to attract investment into a UK low carbon economy. It has recently released a report which finds that the number of people affected by energy poverty throughout the country could rise to 9 million by 2016.


Lack of Lending Support Could Prevent Businesses Joining Green Deal

Paul Davies of PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PWC) believes that some companies could be squeezed out of participation in the government’s Green Deal scheme by a lack of lending support.


Green Skills Alliance Builds Foundations For The Green Deal

An alliance of green sector skills councils is working to lay foundations for the launch of the Green Deal in October.


Green Deal Needs More Cash Says Green Party MP

In a letter to The Guardian newspaper, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas has urged the government to invest more cash in the Green Deal.


Scientists Develop New Highly Efficient Solar Cells

New solar cells that could increase the efficiency of solar panels by over 25 percent have been developed by scientists at Cambridge University’s Department of Physics.


End Solar Uncertainty Says Solar PV Manufacturer

Sharp Solar’s Andrew Lee, the company’s International Sales Manager, is calling on the British government to end uncertainty regarding solar PV and Feed-In Tariffs.


BlueSky maps solar power potential

The aerial mapping company ‘Bluesky’ has found a total of 500,000 homes suitable for solar PV panels since the innovative company’s launch last year.


Improving boiler efficiency could save £400 million per year

New guidance published by The Carbon Trust has claimed that UK firms could save £400 million a year merely by improving the efficiency of their existing hot water boilers.


Government wants to scrap 2030 renewable energy deadline

Nuclear power should be given parity with renewables, the government has said in a bid to brand nuclear as a form of renewable energy. Such a move would give a boost to atomic energy in Britain but at the cost of investment in established forms of renewable energy such as wind and solar.


Davey Rejects Scrapping Windpower

The new Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey, has proved his commitment to renewable energy once again by rejecting calls to water down renewable energy policy, particularly with regards to wind power.


Green Deal Skills Training Boost

The government has announced it intends to spend £3.5 million in order to ensure that enough people are sufficiently trained to deliver the government’s Green Deal energy efficiency programme due to be launched in October.


Shoddy Building Work Costs Brits £737 Million Annually

Millions of British householders are being ripped off by cowboy builders – dodgy traders who charge exorbitant amounts for shoddy work.

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